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Sunday, 15 April 2012 19:20

Award Winning Island Bathroom

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Island Jungle BathroomDesigned by J.P. Walters, this award winning planted bathroom features a space reminescent of a lush Hawaiian island, with its colors resimnescent of white sand, obsidian lava, and beach pebbles. (Photos by J.P. Walters Design)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 14:22

Life under the Backyard Oak Tree

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oak living spaceFeatured Space tour this week takes us to the home of a local friend and member, murphy.  

Situated on one of South Miami's many canals, an old oak tree serves as the foundation for this outdoor living space.  Its many branches teeming with life, supporting countless orchids, staghorns, spanish moss, and other epiphytes. The dense foliage and assorted air plants not only provide cover from the Florida sun, but purifies the air. Did we mention there was a koi pond?

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Magnolia Garden PlantationPlantation homes in South Carolina have a rich history. Many estates in the Charleston area have been turned into private and public preserves, featuring historical structures and beautiful landscapes. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens was but one of the gems in the county when we visited in spring. Come take a stroll with us and find some inspiration as we take a journey through this 50 acre plantation garden.

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 04:21

20g Aquatic "Rainforest" on a Dime

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20 gallon planted aquarium rain forestDubbed a mini "rain forest" by friends coming into the apartment, epiphyte's planted aquarium rainforest nestles into the far corner of a small living room.  

The area started with a 20 gallon aquarium tank on top of 2 Ikea tables, then expanded to a hodge-podge of random plants after purchasing a cheap grow light to use in place of a more expensive aquarium light.  More plants soon followed.
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