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Aquaponics at Disney's EPCOT

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That's right, Disney EPCOT has an aquaponics ride, and has had one for some time. One bored weekend we made our way back up to Orlando, to drink around the world, and hopped back on the ride Living with the Land.




Living with the Land is part hydroponics, part aquaponics, part laboratory, part ride, and all green. 

Hydroponically grown trees include banana, dragon fruit, miracle berry, nine pound melon, and others I couldn't recognize.

Other "trees," featuring a latticed weigh support above the plant, include eggplant, potato, and tomato.

The tomato "tree" currently holds the world record in annual yield, producing 32,192 fruit from the same plant in a period of one year.

Check out the size of the fluted pumpkin, sweet coltsfolt, winter melon, and cucumber plants. 

The salad bar employs NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), where precise measurements of nutrients the plants need are recirculated in very shallow waters.

Herbs can be seen grown vertically via a drip method.


And well, there was a few other techniques I did not recognize.

Of course, here is the nutrient source for the aquaponically grown plants.

All produce and livestock are shipped directly to Disney EPCOT's restaurants, which probably explains why their fish and chips taste better than the ones I can obtain down here in Miami.

Does anyone know what that spinning wheel setup is? Discuss below or head over to our forums here.

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