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Life under the Backyard Oak Tree

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oak living spaceFeatured Space tour this week takes us to the home of a local friend and member, murphy.  

Situated on one of South Miami's many canals, an old oak tree serves as the foundation for this outdoor living space.  Its many branches teeming with life, supporting countless orchids, staghorns, spanish moss, and other epiphytes. The dense foliage and assorted air plants not only provide cover from the Florida sun, but purifies the air. Did we mention there was a koi pond?

Two large oak trees provide cover between the canal and the home, both filled with assorted orchids, staghorns, and dangling spanish moss that sway with the wind.
As we approach the lattice columns, a light breeze brings the wind chimes to sound.  Above us, the weeping moss sways gently.  A delicate stone path curves forward.  
To the right of the path we spot a 700 gallon koi pond, tucked neatly into the landscape.

koi pond

To the left, the soft comfort of the patio calls to us.  

As we took a seat and sipped our mamosas on a lazy sunday afternoon, we admired the various staghorns hanging from the branches:

And the large assortment of orchids:

Most hang in baskets:

But a few have covered the entire side and branch of a tree:

These epiphytes do extremely well in the Miami heat and humidity.  Many are able to survive with little to no watering, living off the mositure in the air well through the dry season.  

As we walk closer to the house we reach the enclosed screen porch.  Inside we find more orchids and staghorns, both hanging from the roof and along the walls.  The space functions as a nursery for some more delicate or shade-loving varieties, away from the wind.


Questions?  Feedback?  Head to murphy's photo journal thread in the forums here.  Would you like to submit your own planted space to be featured here? Start a garden photo journal for your spaces!

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