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Award Winning Island Bathroom

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Island Jungle BathroomDesigned by J.P. Walters, this award winning planted bathroom features a space reminescent of a lush Hawaiian island, with its colors resimnescent of white sand, obsidian lava, and beach pebbles. (Photos by J.P. Walters Design)

"Tiny tree frogs and colorful lizards frolic along a lava rock wall. Lush tropical foliage reaches toward the sun. No, you're not on an island, you're in a client's bathroom suite in Rancho Santa Fe."

A winner of the San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles Magazine, this space features beautiful tiles, dark wood cabinets, and granite countertops.  The interior is extravagant, but our focus turns to the terrestrial jungle attached to the bathroom shower.  

The clear glass opens up to a second rainshower head outside, sunlight diffuses in through the frosted glass in the ceiling, surrounding you are walls of red and dark lava rock.  Tropical foliage of all shades and sizes spring to life besides you.  The bromeliads and orchids are in full bloom, glistening with morning dew in the warm humid air.  No you're not on an island, you're taking a shower in a designer (planted) bathroom in Sante Fe.

- Best Island Influence 2011 Baths of the Year
San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine
March 2011


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