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Plant Furniture: The Live Screen

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Live Screen Plant FurnitureThis piece of furniture is a planted space in itself, covering up the span of an entire wall. Unlike the vertical garden planters we featured in our how to guide, the Live Screen features a closed loop hydroponic system, found in many industrial and commercial spaces. What does this mean? No watering! Well, maybe infrequent watering and nutrient dosing. (Images by Danielle Trofe)


The screen proposes to use a series of pumps to run water through each of the containers, cycling all liquids and nutrients in a sustinable closed loop system

The system is also modular in height, and in width, making it a flexible option in any space to use as an oranmental wall, or as a screen to separate a large room.

The next step: add an adapter hose that hooks up to an aquarium tank, instant aquaponics?

To read more about this design please visit Danielle Trofe's portfolio on her website. Questions, concerns, comments, or improvements on the design? Discuss it in our forums!

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