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plant furnitureMany of us are always looking for ways to make our spaces a little greener, but mostly in the form of a potted plant. Few have thought about integrating plants into our furniture, sure it's possible, but is it feasible? You may remember our recent article on the Live Screen, a planted hydroponic setup covering the span of a wall. Today we'll go further and take a look at planted seats, tables, and a bath mat.

Thursday, 19 April 2012 16:33

Plant Furniture: The Live Screen

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Live Screen Plant FurnitureThis piece of furniture is a planted space in itself, covering up the span of an entire wall. Unlike the vertical garden planters we featured in our how to guide, the Live Screen features a closed loop hydroponic system, found in many industrial and commercial spaces. What does this mean? No watering! Well, maybe infrequent watering and nutrient dosing. (Images by Danielle Trofe)

Sunday, 15 April 2012 19:20

Award Winning Island Bathroom

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Island Jungle BathroomDesigned by J.P. Walters, this award winning planted bathroom features a space reminescent of a lush Hawaiian island, with its colors resimnescent of white sand, obsidian lava, and beach pebbles. (Photos by J.P. Walters Design)

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