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DIY Water Bottle Vertical Garden by Windowfarm

Windowfarm is an open source aquaponics project with the goal of developing hydroponic edible gardens for urban windows. Aimed at space maximization (vertical), low-impact and recycled, the window farm is a cool project you can do in a day with a water pump, some tubing, and old plastic water bottles.



Windowfarm v 3.0 Instructions and Parts Lists.


The great thing about open-source projects is the community that continues to build iterative improvements upon the existing design, such as this aquaponics version of the Windowfarm.


And other modifications, such as the addition of an aerator pump, or adding in a water resevoir system. Waterfarm also offers a commercial system for those not wanting to get their hands dirty.

Got a Windowfarm or a similar system you'd like to share with us? Document your progress in our photo journals. Questions, concerns about the article, discuss it here in our forums.



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