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Rain Gutter Salad Bar

Rain Gutter LettuceLooking to grow food in a small space? Try eating out of your gutters! Functional, recycled, and a easy DIY for the weekend. Old rain gutters can be easily mounted on the side of a home, near a windowsill, or on a balcony wall.





Not only does it save space, but outdoors, a gutter planter off the floor will alleviate issues such as slugs, maggots, rabbits, and other wildlife that might feast on your leafy greens. For an out door space, it may make sense to drill drainage holes on the planters so excess water from your hose will trickle down.

Hydrponic raingutter lettuces taken in Philly, by beelaineo


For indoors, a rain gutter could nestle perfectly over a windowsill, serving as an herb planter, or an aesthetic garden for succulents.

Aluminum windowsill succulents by kalanikordus


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