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Make Your Own Vertical Garden

Vertical GardensVertical gardens have been all the craze of late.  Today, we show you a few methods and look at some readily available consumer products that allow you to create your own vertical garden, both indoor and outdoor.



1. Fabric Wall-Mounted Planters for Foliage Plants (Recommended for Indoors)

Wally by Woolly

Currently the best option for an indoor space, Wally is the most popular and readily available vertical garden planter on the market today. The bag uses a "military grade" barrier to keep the outside dry, and is apparently made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The breathable fabric prevents mold and mildew formation.  The bags are held up by two fasteners screwed into the wall.

It's available on Amazon ranging from $40, $100, to $150 for the three regular sizes. Wally also recently launched a mini ize for $18. We recommend getting the Wally with the water resevoir for indoor use. For outdoor spaces, consider one of the less expensive options below.

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Root Pouch 

Root Pouch is a similar alternative, traditionally known for making fabric planters for the ground.  Bets are Root Pouch will offer their vertical fabric planters as a cheaper price, sadly these aren't yet available at their local distributors.





2. Vertical Planters or Mounts (Recommended for Outdoors)

Living Wall Planter

The water trickles down from top to bottom like a trough system.  These are modular and configure together like a jigsaw system, so you can mount an entire wall!  The stand alone planter ranges around $20-25, but does not include the irrigator, water collector, or decorative frame.


Living Wall Vertical Garden Set

The set, at around $35-40, is the most economical if you want multiple planters.  The Garden set includes 2 Living Wall Planters, metal frames, brackets, and a water collector/resevoir to use in an indoor space.  The company also features a few other designs with more ornate woodwork.

With any wall mounted gardens, please pay attention to the weight support of your mounting screws and wall structure.  Remember to always overcompensate for water weight!


3. Any Vertial Object for Vines

Last let us not neglect the original "vertical garden," vines that grew on trellises, the side of houses, and over fences long before vertical planters were mass produced.  A while ago we wrote an article on growing vines as a privacy screen, but vines can also be used to liven up an indoor space or to form an outdoor wall.  Best of all, you don't need any vertical planters!

Honeysuckle vine wrapped around a desk light, and ficus vine growing on the side of a house.

A variety of different vine species will add depth to your wall or space, and don't forget, many vine species bloom! Questions? Concerns? Head over and discuss it in our forums!


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