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Best Insect Repelling Plants

Insect Repelling Plant
Garden pests, unfortunately everyone has them. Today we show you list of insect repelling plants and herbs to help deter common pests in your garden, naturally. For our common pests we focus on ants, aphids, mosquitos, mites, japanese beetles, whiteflies, snails and slugs.
Plant, repel: Ants Aphids Mosquitos Mites Jap. beetle Whitefly Slugs & Snails
Anise Yes
Chives Yes Yes
Coriander Yes
Citronella Yes
Garlic Yes Yes Yes
Larkspur, Rue Yes
Marigold Yes Yes
Nasturtium Yes Yes
Nicandra Yes
Pelargonium geraniums Yes
Pennyroyal Yes Yes
Petunia Yes
Rosemary Yes
Spearmint Yes Yes Yes Yes
Southernwood Yes Yes
Tansy Yes Yes
Wormwood Yes
For more information on other pests and repellant plants we have not mentioned, please consult the list of repellant plants here, and a list of pest-regulating plants here.
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