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Superthrive, the Secret Formula to Thriving Plants?

SuperThriveSUPERthrive is a certfied non-toxic mixture of 50 vitamins and hormones that drastically increases plant growth (both terrestrial and aquatic). The product has been around since the 1940's, and its ingredients have been a carefully guarded trade secret since. Thousands swear by this product and use it regularly, while others are skeptical, myself one of them.

SUPERthrive is not a fertilizer and does not contain any N-P-K (macro-nutrients) or trace minierals (micro-nutrients), it is to be used as a supplement in addition to your regular fertilizing routine. According to the bottle, the formula contains 0.09% Vitamin B1, 0.048% 1-Naphthyl acetic acid, and approximately 1/4 of the total liquid is other dissolved solids. 

Uses include transplanting, reviving, and strengtheneing of roots and general growth of all plants. All you need to do is add 1 drop of the liquid per gallon while you water. My experience with the product is that it strongly promotes root growth, therefore the plant grows faster, bigger, and with greater yield.


Personal Experience:

I purchased 1 pint of this product almost 2 years ago, and still have most of the container left. I probably do not use it as often as I should, since I forget to add drops when I water. I use a drop when I fertilize every 2 weeks or so. All my indoor, balcony, and aquatic plants are healthy and grow fairly fast compared to those similarly purchased by friends. I always attributed this to my "green thumb," and the fact that I care for the plants regularly, but maybe it's something more.


The Test:

I've never done a side by side comparison of a plant with the hormone and one without, so I decided to give it a try recently. I took two glasses, filled them with the same old aquarium water, using the same plantling--a dwarf water lettuce off the same mother plant, similarly sized. I'm using the water lettuce because it uptakes nutrients directly from the water column, and because it is fast growing. In the left glass I added 1 drop of SUPERthrive, in the right none. Other than that, all conditions are similar.

Day 0: similar size, the left (with SUPERthrive) is a tad smaller

Day 7: plant finally acclimated and showed new growth, so much for fast growing. Water turned green, been topping off with old fish water. The left plant does not look much bigger.

Day 21: changed the water due to algae growth, readded another drop to water, took longer than I expected, but the left plant overtook the right one showing more prominent leaf and root growth


So not entirely conclusive--just one test and plenty of unacounted variables, but it seems to work to me. Will post more tests with terrestrial plants later.

If you want to share your own experience with SUPERthrive or any other products, please discuss it with us here in our forums.

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