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Grow a Moss Garden

moss gardenMoss gardens are an easy way to add a little green to any space. Moss adds a sense of serenity and stillness, giving the scene a feeling of age and depth. Though considered a weed to many, moss growth is encouraged in Japanese gardening, typically carpetting a forest scene, or growing across a temple courtyard.



There are over 12,000 species of moss in the division Bryophyta. They have no internal water-bearing vessels, no flowers and no fruits, cones or seeds. Moss absorb water and nutrients entirely through its leaves, so while they may anchor on other plants, they are not parisitic.

Moss grow best in humid, acidic (low pH) environments under indirect light. A simple "moss paint" can be made by mixing or blending with one of the following mixtures:

  1. Moss + buttermilk
  2. Moss + yogurt
  3. Moss + 1 can of beer & 1 tsp sugar.

The pureed green soup can then be painted or spread on almost any surface to grow. Check back often to document the growth, keep the moss moist, or add additional moss paint.

A few examples of what you can do with this mixture:

(1) Moss Lawn - replace your grass with an easier to maintain, zen-like Japanese garden (recommended near a pond or stream)

(2) Moss Rockscape - create green miniature scapes on a rocky landscape, or in a fish tank (if using underwater, be sure your moss species is an aquatic variety)


(3) Moss Graffiti - paint the town green with your mossy buttermilk mixture


Got a mossy space you'd like to share with us, or looking to start a new moss garden? Post a photo journal in our forums to document your progress.  Have questions, concerns regarding the article? Discuss it here in our forums.

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