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Germinating Seeds with Paper Towels & Ziploc Bags

Germinate Seeds

Easy and effective, this method of germinating seeds has a higher success rate than using soil.  This method works for most seeds, terrestrial and aquatic! You can also count exactly how many seeds germinated out of your batch, and plan ahead for your next planted space.




1. Fold the paper towel (bleach free) three times, place seeds in spaced apart and fold once more

2. Rinse in tap water, squeeze off the extra water and place in bag

3. Blow air into the bag and seal shut, leave the bag on your kitchen table or near an indirect light source (some seeds require a little light to germinate)


Wait about 3 days, check on your bag and you should have some sproutlings!  Do not yank on the plant or you'll tear it, instead carefully cut the paper towel with scissors to avoid harming the roots, place the plantling with the towel still attached into soil and care for as usual.

I just started these tomatoes, so check back here for a pic in about 3 days!


Update: 4 days later

Almost forgot about this, walked by and saw a seedling growing through the paper towel.


Like this way of germination, know a better one? Discuss it here in the forums!


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