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This page provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding the forum.  Please see below for some general help topics.  If your question is not answered here, feel free to post your question in Problems & Suggestions under the Member Forums.

1. Resizing and Embedding Images in Your Post

a. Resizing Images

Most likely your image size is too large to be uploaded efficiently for website viewing.  Embedded images in the forum do not require a large megapixel count.  In fact, images in your thread are down-sized to 800 px wide.  An easy way to batch-resize images you wish to post is using Image Resizer @ http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/.

Download the program, select the image(s) you wish to resize (you can select multiple images), right click on any image, and click Resize pictures.


Next, select the size you wish to resize the images to.  Although "Small" is adequate for forum viewing, I almost always choose Medium or Large so others can click on the image to enlarge to the full size to see the details.


b. Image Hosting and Embedding

Although you are free to attach images and upload them to our servers, it's a tedious task and you're not able to embed an image in between text.  I prefer to use one of the commonly available free image hosting services, i.e.:




Upload your newly resized to one of these services, find the "Direct URL" link.

Copy paste this url and insert it into a forum post in between the [img][/img] tags.  This image can go between your text and paragraphs in your post.

We recommend creating an account with the service so you can go back to find, edit, or delete your images.
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