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aphid controlRed ones, yellow ones, green ones.  There are over 250 species of these soft bodied insects that reproduce rapidly and asexually.  An army of aphids can weaken if not kill your plants.  

There are countless insectides, poisonous and organic for control; others recommend diatomaceous earth, lady bugs, and herbal repellants.  Only the poisonous ones really seem to work, but that renders my plants inedible, and shortens my life span.  The others, depends on your garden conditions.  Let's run down through my list of successes and failures:

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 04:21

20g Aquatic "Rainforest" on a Dime

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20 gallon planted aquarium rain forestDubbed a mini "rain forest" by friends coming into the apartment, epiphyte's planted aquarium rainforest nestles into the far corner of a small living room.  

The area started with a 20 gallon aquarium tank on top of 2 Ikea tables, then expanded to a hodge-podge of random plants after purchasing a cheap grow light to use in place of a more expensive aquarium light.  More plants soon followed.
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