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Welcome to Planted Space, a new and growing community of gardeners, horticulturalists, and aquascapers from around the world. Whether you're the casual home gardener, the landscaping designer, the vivarium zookeeper, or just looking to add a little green to your space, you will find plenty of information and inspiration on this site.  

At Planted Space, we hope to inspire by example. Our plants are organized by the space, e.g. an indoor living room, an outdoor flower garden, or an aquarium tank.  Each week, we feature a "Planted Space," and show you how to design, set up, and maintain your planted spaces. Be sure to subscribe to our latest articles by RSS.

To make the most out of Planted Space, please join our community and share your planted spaces with the rest us. Our featured spaces are often selected from fellow members' photo journals right here in the forums. So stop by and create a journal thread of your own to document your progress, ask questions, and get feedback!

Friday, 27 April 2012 00:00

Best Insect Repelling Plants

Insect Repelling Plant
Garden pests, unfortunately everyone has them. Today we show you list of insect repelling plants and herbs to help deter common pests in your garden, naturally. For our common pests we focus on ants, aphids, mosquitos, mites, japanese beetles, whiteflies, snails and slugs.
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 15:46

Wisteria Vines in Bloom

Wisteria VinesIt's mid-April, and the wisteria are in full bloom across parks in Japan, climbing on trees and over trellises to form ornate flowering tunnels. Hardy and fast-growing, wisteria is said to be one of Japan's most ancient flowering vines, and has been described countless times in ancient poems and literature. 

SuperThriveSUPERthrive is a certfied non-toxic mixture of 50 vitamins and hormones that drastically increases plant growth (both terrestrial and aquatic). The product has been around since the 1940's, and its ingredients have been a carefully guarded trade secret since. Thousands swear by this product and use it regularly, while others are skeptical, myself one of them.

amaranth plantsIncredibly hardy, rapidly growing, and highly nutritious, these crops are recommended for any garden in event of a zombie apocalypse. Considered a lost crop of the Americas, these hardy grains were here long before the arrival of of the Spanish Conquistadors, where they were harvested by ancient Incans and Aztecs.

Thursday, 19 April 2012 16:33

Plant Furniture: The Live Screen

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Live Screen Plant FurnitureThis piece of furniture is a planted space in itself, covering up the span of an entire wall. Unlike the vertical garden planters we featured in our how to guide, the Live Screen features a closed loop hydroponic system, found in many industrial and commercial spaces. What does this mean? No watering! Well, maybe infrequent watering and nutrient dosing. (Images by Danielle Trofe)

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